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Platters, Shawarmas and Snack Packs

Walla is a NYC-style Arabian food restaurant in Karachi’s Shahbaz Commercial area. The restaurant, although small, can accommodate a handful of people in its red and orange themed space.

The restaurant has a warm casual atmosphere, which makes it an original and satisfying place for our customers. Our menu features a wide array of great selections served in generous portions. You can decide to eat in or take to eat out.
Walla offers delicious Shawarmas, Snack Packs and Rice Platters with multiple options to choose from to customise your food according to your preferred flavour and ingredients with a welcoming vibe and outstanding service that keeps visitors coming back.


We present the
Walla menu

Walla Original

Pita or saj, pickles, hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, white sauce, red sauce.


Mean green

Fries, protein, jalapeños, white sauce, gringo sauce, cheese.


Walla Original
Rice Platter

Butter sauce, protein, lettuce, tomatoes, white and red sauce.


Tikka Twist
Rice Platter

Nando’s peri peri rice, protein, onions, lettuce, tikka mayo flavor, white sauce.


Arabic cuisine

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Our main focus is to provide high quality and healthy NY Style Middle-Eastern food that is extremely satisfying to your taste buds.

Contact us at +92 333 2292552 for queries and orders.

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    Lane - 4, Shahbaz Commercial, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan.


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